We got you covered with some of the greatest wellness experts in the field! Taking care of our bodies, energies, spirits, emotions and our environment to not only shine love and light within ourselves but those around us.

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Miki Agrawal is a serial social entrepreneur. From being the star midfielder on a Division 1 women's soccer team, to opening WILD, a restaurant in New York City with no prior experience, to launching THINX, a massively successful period-proof underwear solution, to launching and scaling her innovative bidet product TUSHY, to writing a #1 bestselling entrepreneurship book DO COOL SHIT and Disrupt-Her, to setting a world record on NBC's Jimmy Fallon Show (bc why not).

The only danger is not to evolve. This provocative, inspiring, funny, creative talk shares how anyone can disrupt their industry and evolve their business creatively so they can maintain a competitive edge. Miki shares hard-won wisdom and best practices from her experiences in building $150+ million brands in seemingly immovable categories. She shares her strategies that motivated people to transform from skeptics to fans.

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Anne Berube is a spiritual teacher and author with an uncommon ability to help others connect to their calling and develop a deep sense of self-compassion and soul-reliance.

Anne guides us to connect with our sacred fire, the life force of creative energy. When we tap into it life is exciting, joyful, and meaningful. We reclaim the power of our intuition, reconnect with our inner essence, and create safety through integrity. Get ready to channel unwavering commitment and focus on what really matters in your life.

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An Afternoon with Aboriginal Medium Shawn Leonard

At 16 years old, just one year after losing his father to a massive heart attack, Shawn received a visitation and a message from his father in Spirit, "We all have a purpose and one day you will help people understand their lives and bridge the gap between the physical world and the Spirit World."

In the three decades since that night Shawn has finely honed his ability as a medium and his connection to the Spirit World.

His gift has allowed him to help people all over the world as he communicates with departed loved ones, spirits and guides. The insights they share help us better understand our journey here on earth and provides healing for many people struggling with grief.

Shawn is a proud aboriginal person who works with spirit to heal hearts. Fittingly,  A respected Mi’kmaq elder gifted him with the name, "White Eagle Spirit Talker.”

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Mama Oracle is highly dedicated to being a channel that holds space for anyone’s healing. She is an Energy Healer, and a Reiki Master who is certified in 3 different types of Reiki Energy healing practices, as well as a certified Spiritual Counselor and Doula.

With over 5 years of experience, she’s had the opportunity to work on over 500 people, including women, men, children, babies, and animals. Many of her clients also include Public Figures, Influencers, TV Personalities, Actors, and Influencers.

She has impacted and continues to impact many with her healing aura and presence, as well as her precious counseling. She leads by example by living an authentic holistic lifestyle, which inspires many others.

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Group Reiki Session w/Mama Oracle

Bobette is a reiki master who is certified as a practitioner and teacher and she offers reiki treatments and classes.

She is also a Tianshi (channeling messages from angels) and Rasekhi (kemetic reiki) practitioner.

As a doula, she empowers women by encouraging them to give birth in the most natural and loving way.

She believes that we all have healing powers and focuses on passing on her knowledge so people can strengthen their powers and heal themselves.
Prior to working in the health and wellness field, she has been working as a teacher, photographer and host internationally. 

She is also the proud owner and operator of her own clothing line Uzuri since 2011.

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Laugh for Health & Healing

Liliana De Leo is president & founder of Laugh Montreal & The Living Laughter Academy. She is a certified Laughter Yoga Master Trainer, teacher, fitness professional, and public speaker.

With over 15 years teaching experience, she helps people laugh bolder, stronger and more...all in the name of health and happiness. We love a good joke, but we don't have to wait for one to come along to laugh. Laughter Yoga gives people a safe space to laugh for no reason, while at the same time, helps create positive social connections. Laughter Yoga is a unique form of exercise now practiced in 108 countries. Come experience the power of laughter!

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Before starting ApiHex, Ali spent twelve years as an educator and director of a not-for-profit community organization aimed at developing young people’s skills to organise and plan their future careers. In what seems like a hereditary passion, Ali’s focus eventually shifted onto a topic that was dear to his grandfather’s heart; bees!
Ali’s curiosity and fascination with bees, as well as his environmentally-conscious beliefs have shaped his determination to build a high-performance company that not only contributes to the world we live in but proves to become a touchstone in how people approach apiculture.
To Ali, ‘save the bees’ simply isn’t enough. Ali’s philosophy on bee care is focused on forging strong relationships within communities in order to create projects and operations centred on restoring wild nature, planting trees, flowers and removing pesticide use. To use his own words: “There are many factors that will contribute to the bees’ survival. But what is important to remember is that their survival is also our own”.

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Intimate Wellness with Cannabis Oil

Romantic. Elegant. Satisfying. High on Love introduces a sensuous fusion of superior grade all-natural ingredients made to awaken the senses, redefine intimacy and revolutionize the way you love.

Curated by Angela Mustone, a specialist producer of adult cosmetics, this product line was designed to empower women to explore and embrace their sensual side. Bringing heightened style and luxury to the discerning woman who knows what she wants in the bedroom!

Today, her vision for High on Love is to break down existing barriers tied to couples, self-love, and troubles in the bedroom.  Her products are well-known to be transformative for those experiencing vaginal dryness, discomfort and a decreased libido.

Gynecologically tested. Vegan. Cruelty-free. 100% natural ingredients. Chemical-free.

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Open Air Workout (Weather permitted & Optional)

LeCREW is a growing start-up, a fitness company run by sisters; Nikita D’Onofrio (osteopathy student) and Anita D’Onofrio. They provide functional fitness to the community of Montreal (and surrounding) with choreographed workouts and outdoor fitness sessions on a weekly basis, as well as personal training and private group workouts in corporate settings.

They also created Mamas & Bébés CREW, a workout which allows new mothers and babies to slowly get moving together. LeCREW is focused on teaching proper form and encourages each participant to understand their body while promoting a balanced lifestyle. Weather permitted, LeCREW will be providing you with a taste of their optional open air workouts at Orenda Fest.

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Yoga for backpain (Optional workout)

Melissa is a physiotherapist working in an orthopedic and well known wellness clinic in the west island, called Catalyst Santé. They offer a premium service which focuses on finding the root cause of your pain and solving the problem permanently.

Melissa is a recent Ashtanga Yoga certified Teacher in which she decided to get certified in order to incorporate yoga concepts into her treatments for a more holistic approach to healing. She’s been practicing yoga for 5 years and is continuously learning about wellness and healthy lifestyle choices to help her patients gain self-empowerment and reach their health goals.

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